Forest Management

Ossipee Mountain Land Company evolved out of land holdings purchased in 1978. Our combined ownership and long-term management of 15,000 aces of New Hampshire forestlands has been and continues to be managed to provide for future biodiversity in an ecologically, culturally, and financially responsible and sustainable manner.

The goals and objectives that guide our land management practices:

  • To practice ecologically and economically sustainable forestry

  • To maintain long term ownership without realizing gain from the sale of land

  • To maintain a Certified Tree Farm with the American Forest Foundation

  • To provide a source of raw material for our firewood packing facility

  • To protect and create wildlife habitats for a variety of species

  • To add adjacent lands as practicable to enable assemblage of a larger contiguous parcel of productive forestlands

  • To cooperate with neighboring landowners to protect and encourage working forests

  • To produce a sustainable level of income from the sale of forest products

Ossipee Mountain Land Company

Recognition and conservation of significant natural and cultural areas including:

  • Rare and endangered plant communities

  • Old growth timber stands as well as individual trees

  • Wetlands and riparian zones

  • Historical cultural features: cemeteries, cellar holes, stone walls, old mill sites, logging camp sites, etc.

Our Promise

To produce the finest quality firewood, forest products, and forest services to companies and individuals 365 days a year.